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​​​My name is Kathy Martin, and I am committed to making your voice heard. I want to play an active role in making my community and state a safer, better place to raise children, work or run a business and forge a future filled with hope. If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with us and help make it happen. Together, we can make a meaningful difference, for our families and our communities. 

The Fishkill Republican Committee is a diverse all volunteer group bound together by our republican ideals.  Committee members come from all walks of life and represent the registered republicans in the Town of Fishkill.  Our committee is dedicated to providing the strong leadership that our town, county, state and country needs in order to meet the enormous challenges of our time.  It is now, more important than ever, to elect the right people to lead our government. We believe in limiting the power and reach of our government.  Freedom is the fuel for our economic engine and a must if we are to prosper, achieve our goals and live The American Dream.  To achieve our objectives, we must elect fiscally responsible candidates that will make the government work for us and not the other way around.  Our candidates and our officials work endlessly to defend our taxpayers against government overspending. I would encourage all republicans to get involved in the voting process.  We are your voice and we are here to represent you in the Republican Party.  The support of the GOP helps to sustain Fishkill’s quality of life through preserving our past while embracing the future. We have proven ourselves as your public officials, friends and neighbors. We are vested in ensuring our community continues its positive family oriented goals of inclusion, quality of life and fiscal responsibility.

If you would like to get involved or would like more information on the committee or our events, please email us at or use are Join tab or Contact tab.

Kathy Martin, 


​Town of Fishkill Republican Committee in Fishkill

​​Fiscal Responsibility

The current 2016 Fishkill Town Administration has taken the following steps towards financial restructuring:

  • Hired a new independent audit firm to perform annual audits
  • Hired a new Town Attorney
  • Performed a comprehensive review of all water and sewer districts and adjusted usage rates
  • Restructured Affordable Housing
  • Instituted paperless protocol in Town Hall
  • Made Town audit and budget information available on website
  • Secured $4 million in outside funding for a rail trails project
  • Negotiated a payment plan with the City of Beacon for $2 million sewer arrears
  • Eliminated lag pay liability
  • Developing a five (5) year Capital Plan
  • Prepared a Multi-Year Financial Plan which includes a Deficit Reduction Plan
  • Accelerated payment plan for $3.2 million Tax Anticipation Note originating in 2009
  • Developed a fee schedule for Use of Town facilities
  • Prepared an RFP for Employee Health Insurance Plans and contracted with a HDHP to reduce costs to both Town and employees
  • Instituted stricter protocol for Town takeover of utilities
  • Instituted a 2 week accounts payable payment schedule
  • Eliminated the Town’s multiple credit card accounts to one
  • Reduced the number of employee cell phones
  • Settled most of the massive inter-fund borrowings dating back to 2000
  • Secured a grant for the upgrade of computer hardware for Police vehicles.
  • Created a central cashier for receipts
  • Established the acceptance of credit cards for on-line and in-line payments
  • ​Received a grant for a consolidation study of the Town’s water and sewer districts​

Theodore Roosevelt

Kathy's hometown is the Village of Fishkill, she was born in Beacon. Her husband Michael with their three children reside in Fishkill.

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